Hello there! Welcome to my webpage!

This site showcases projects and chronicles my progress with the occasional spotlight on my personal life.

For those of you who curious enough, or those who just read anything put in front of your eyes; my name is Lucas and I’m a certified Athletic Trainer with a passion and drive for the video-game industry.

I studied both Athletic Training and Kinesiology and graduated with two bachelors degrees from Miami University (that’s in Ohio). From there I decided to get my license to practice as an Athletic Trainer which led me down a path to find myself back in school for video-game design.

As to what sort of projects I’ll showcase: art and game designs. As a new member to the video-game industry, I want establish my artwork and game design style to hopefully one day work for a well established company, or even start one of my own. Feel free to follow along as I learn some basics, give thoughts, comments, and vent about frustrations I encounter along the way.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me or check out my social media sites!