Basic 3D Design (Bear)

So, taking a break from the usual game design posts, I thought I would delve into some basic 3D modeling for later integration into the game. I won’t get too fancy starting out, as you will see, this will be a very basic bear design with no texture or materials added. If you’re not sure what I just said, I will try to explain in a moment.

Set UpStarting out, the bear can be modeled with a basic ‘plane-mesh’. In order to get the next part to work correctly, its best to set the view to ‘Orthographic’. Once that is set up, you can bring in a reference picture to help shape your desired animal.

The picture to the right illustrates the location in which you will need to implement the outside image to allow for modeling. Here, you can also see some boxes with check-marks in them. Make sure your settings are identical to mine otherwise your animal will have some holes where you don’t want them.

Once you have your image in place, the settings correct, and the plane is set up wit the orientation to be manipulated against the image, you can start working on the animal model.

The first thing you need to do is line up the shape by moving the vertices to match the outline of your animal picture. From there, by selecting the edges of your plane, you can extrude using the ‘E’ key and creature more shapes that allow you to draw out the animal. Again ,you’ll need to move the vertices to get the new shapes to line up with your image once again.Shaping the Bear.PNG

Eventually, your image should look something similar to the above image. From here, the next step will be to to create a mirror and extrude out to build a basis for the shell which will make up the body of the animal. In order to create a mirror effect, you will navigate over to the properties or modifiers that can be seen in the first image. If you look into the ‘Mirror’ modifier and click ‘merge’, ‘clipping’, and ‘Vertical Grip’ along with which ever axis you have set your image up to mirror. Prep MirrorThis will allow you to then extrude out and see where your model will move. Now, temporarily turn off the modifier and erase all interior faces to get the model to look similar to this:

This is just an empty shell of what will eventually become the animal. From here, you will utilize the extrusion tool along with loop cuts (Ctrl +R) and a meticulous eye to get the final shape. Here is what mine looks like!Final Bear.PNG

You may do a better job, or you may struggle…either is fine. Remember that this is meant as a rough tutorial/how-to-do for beginners and you may just need to hone your skills before producing something worthy of high praise.




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