First Game Design (Part 3)

There is a lot more that goes into game design than I had originally anticipated. Textures, normal mapping, script writing and modeling were all components I knew about and understood some fundamentals to get the ball rolling. What I did not understand was the amount of time and patience to perfect each detail, placement of elements and the combination of tools and components to create the elaborate environment of each scene. This is something I’m seeing myself spend more and more time between adding new elements playing with to get the product that I want.

So, here are some new things I’ve added within my first game:

Movable objects are a big part of most games, being able to interact with the environment is vital in order to feel like you are a part of it. So, with that in mind, I wrote a quick script (using Java) to allow the player to pick up items with the script embedded in them. Here is a quick sample of what that code looks like:pickup

For those of you like me, who have not used JavaScript before, it’s object oriented and the syntax is similar to C# which is what is used to program Unity. A good place to start if you are more serious about using these programs would be to learn the in’s and out’s of these languages.

Besides the movable objects it was suggested by the tutorial series to add collectibles. These sort of items are found all over the place in RPG’s and one of the more exciting elements. This too was done with the help of JavaScript:destroycoin


The first script is to allow the object to be ‘picked up’, in other words, once the players character enters the radius of the object, it destroys the item for that play through in order to give the appearance of collecting it. The second script is purely for effect; it’s goal is to spin the collectibles to give it some element of importance to the player.

Apart from these elements, I’ve only touched up the map a bit to add more trees and details. So, until more progress is made, this is where I’ll leave you! Capture8.PNG




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