First Steps

Taking the first steps into a new lifestyle is never easy. Most people feel that a major change, especially in their career, is too much or too frightening. Taking those first steps however, seems to be the most difficult but will lead into a full gallop if you know the direction you want to run.

Seeing my options laid before me, I decided to utilize some free tools. Staring with 3D design, I was drawn to Blender. This is the program I will be primarily be using unless otherwise specified for my 3D renders.
As for a functional game engine, I recommend trying out Unity or the Unreal engine. I will primarily be using Unity but may explore Unreal later on.

I won’t claim to know what I’m doing the entire time when I’m designing scenes or basic game maps. If you’ve decided to try one of these programs, I would suggest spending several hours to days exploring the interface and options available.
One thing I discovered, which I will recommend you do: Get a mouse with a center scroll wheel. This will allow you a center button for rotating and zooming your view in both Blender and Unity, I cannot speak for Unreal, but I imagine it may be similar.

Something else that I would say to beginners…start small. Yes, this is a pain in the butt, but if you don’t get down the fundamentals, and learn how to make simple scenes then it will be a much more arduous task to develop anything. Telling you this, I started my learning on YouTube from various sources posted there. Whether you want to design an interior scene, create an RPG or learn to code physics into a game…YouTube it!

Those are some of the things I learned starting off, I’ll be sure to post more soon! Thanks for reading!


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